About Scotty's Hubcaps

Scottys Hubcaps was founded in 2002 with the purchase of a pile of hubcaps at a local auction. After selling a few sets of those hubcaps on ebay for a profit, Scotty was hooked. This resulted in buyouts of hubcap piles, and other dealers inventory all over the Northeast and Canada. Since 2002, Scottys Hubcaps has morphed from having a few piles of hubcaps to having over 27,000 Wheel Covers, Hubcaps, Center Caps and Trim Rings in stock at all times.

In order to keep our inventory up, we are always on the road, buying more inventory. We are always in search of that hard to find, hard to get item our customers have been searching for. Not only are we always buying, but we always strive to give our customers the lowest prices possible for anything in our inventory.

The items we have in our inventory are NEVER perfect. almost everything is used. all items will have dings, and flaws to some extent. Some items may be as old as 75 years or more. They may have seen over 100,000 miles of open road. Some may have been popped on and off of many wheels. Most everything scottys hubcaps sells is no longer made, or even replicated. Every time Scottys Hubcaps purchases more inventory we strive to find the best possible condition of products, and again, we in turn strive to sell those best possible condition products at the best possible price. Scottys Hubcaps will do their best to explain the condition of their products to their customers so the customers, in turn will have a full understanding of what they will be receiving.

Scottys Hubcaps can also be found on facebook, and on ebay, at our ebay store: Scottys Hubcaps. Find the link for both here on our website. sign up for our news letter too.

As always, we thank you for your business and your years of dedication to us.